Training Delivery

Training Delivery Modes

Face to face:

You are required to attend your regular classes as scheduled at the location mentioned in your Letter of Offer. However, sometimes the delivery location may be different due to the nature and the requirements of the respective Unit of Competency. For example, some Units of Competency may require practical sessions. Hence, when required, TKL College will arrange a different venue for the purpose of learning and practising. Accounting and Business students must attend 15 hours face to face class per week. Commercial Cookery and Hospitality management students must attend 20 hours face to face class per week.

The structure of Face to Face delivery:

Lecture: A lecture is a formal presentation conducted by your trainer. The theoretical framework is the focus of the lecture. It builds up your sound concept of the learning areas of the Unit of Competency. You can make a note and do the mind-mapping of the content you are reading, listening or watching.

Tutorial: As tutorials are composed of a discussion of lecture content and assignments, you can ask questions and clarify what you have studied.

Practical: You will learn in industry-related spaces or simulated work environment. Your trainer will accordingly arrange the practical space for you. Practical sessions will allow you to practice the skills that you are required to complete the respective Unit of Competency.

In each type of session, your trainer will focus on developing your understanding, knowledge and skills by engaging you in different learning activities.


Online delivery method is based on the Internet. Our Online delivery component is of 5 hours per week where you are engaged to develop your knowledge through research and other relevant activities. You must become active and complete your tasks accordingly. None of your online activities is graded; however, your proactive involvement will be counted toward the grading of your performance. It means if you have not participated in online activities, even if you have successfully done your assessments, you will NOT be marked “Satisfactory”.

Combination of Face to face (15 hours a week) and online (5 hours a week) delivery modes have been used in the following courses only: 

  • BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business
  • BSB50215 Diploma of Business
  • FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting

The structure of Online delivery:

Discussion: You are required to participate in discussions which are always monitored by your trainer. This has been designed to develop your critical thinking ability. Such activities provide you with opportunities to think about or use knowledge and information in new and different ways.

Quiz: You will need to answer different types of questions. You cannot leave incomplete. This is an opportunity to self-assess your knowledge of the Unit of Competency.

Read and Reflect: You will be provided with various reading resources which can range from Learner resources to Textbooks to Web-based contents. You may need to sometimes watch video materials or listen to the audio resources.


Training delivery methods

TKL College with its motto- Training for Knowledge and Livelihood delivers its courses to all aspiring students who want to develop their technical and employability skills for their desired career. At TKL College, we focus on skills set that an individual requires to possess prior to entering a job market.

Our course packaging is done considering the current need for industry. In order for optimising learning outcomes of a student, at TKL College, we have chosen dynamic training methods which enable a learner to experience their learning more practically.

Our training method is built on Knowles’ theory of Andragogy which is suitable for adult learning. Training and Assessment system at TKL College is conceptualised using the following principles of learning:

  1. All learners are self-directed and expected to take responsibility for their decisions.
  2. Learning activities are designed in the context of relevancy to the learners’ current or prospective job.
  3. The trainer requires to explain why a particular subject matter is being taught. In other words, learners must know the implication of knowledge and skills acquired from the topic being taught.
  4. Learners are encouraged to discover things for their professional and employability skills in the area of their interests along with the trainers’ assistance even though the learners make any mistakes.

As there are several ways and styles of learning, there are some tested delivery methods used at TKL College to create a learner-friendly environment. Some of them are:

  • Presentations and lectures
  • Instructions
  • Demonstration or simulation
  • Tutoring
  • Practice opportunities
  • Brainstorming activities
  • Group discussions
  • Guided facilitation
  • Group learning activities, group work or project-based case studies

Based on the elements of performance criteria, the methods may change.


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